Check your WHS compliance in under 3 minutes

Take this simple 20 question survey to check your WHS conformance. All answers are strictly confidential and will be used to give your compliance score.

Please fill in your details and complete the quick audit below.

Your score and recommendations will be emailed to you, once you submit the quick audit.

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  1. Do you have a WHS management system in place which documents your WHS activities?

  2. Are your WHS policies up to date and less than 5 years old?

  3. Do you have an incident reporting system which includes the reporting of all hazards and incidents?

  4. Have you conducted a risk assessment of your workplace in the last 12 months?

  5. Do you have a method of communicating WHS matters to employees, eg notice board, staff alerts?

  6. Do you have a forum for discussion and consultation with workers eg toolbox talks, and are the discussions documented?

  7. Do you have a first aid procedure and have your first aid kits been checked in the last 3 months?

  8. Do all trained first aiders current certificates?

  9. Do you have a up to date emergency procedure?

  10. Do you have an up to date evacuation procedure and is it displayed throughout the worksite?

  11. Have you conducted an emergency evacuation drill in the last 12 months?

  12. Do you have safe work procedures for all high risk tasks?

  13. Have all workers including contractors and labour hire completed a site induction, and do you have records?

  14. Do you have log books and safe work instructions for all forklifts?

  15. Do all workers who operate forklifts have current licences and do you have a copy of the licence?

  16. Do you have a documented traffic management plan for your site?

  17. Have you assessed all hazardous substances in the workplace and do you have a register and the current SDS?

  18. Have you completed risk assessment for psychosocial risks in the workplace?

  19. Do you have a regular audit and inspection program in place to keep senior managers and directors aware of WHS conformance?

  20. Are you satisfied that all high-risk tasks have been identified and controlled at your workplace?