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HR can be complex and time consuming – we make it easy

The link between HR and profit is proven

A study based on results from nearly 1000 companies showed higher performance work practices had a significant positive impact on corporate financial performance. The study went on to note that recruiting methods, incentive plans, performance management systems and employee training programs can "improve the knowledge, skills and abilities… of employees, increase their motivation, reduce shirking and enhance retention…"

Mark A. Huselid
The Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 38, No. 3 (Jun., 1995)

HR works. Foresight, good planning and good systems are proven profit enhancers. If that’s something you want for your firm, turn to Business Savvy Risk Management.

Manage your people better for better results

How do you select the best? What programs will help retain good staff (and it’s not always money)? The time and tools you use now to employ and retain staff can save thousands down the road. Business Savvy Risk Management help you establish tried and true programs that work. Performance management systems that highlight your best workers and encourage poor performers to leave. Retention programs that involve, encourage and motivate good staff.

Advice on:

Manage change effectively

Many organisations stumble when major change needs to be undertaken. New systems, new workplace contracts or cultural changes to enhance productivity can unsettle staff. The keys to success are foresight, planning and engagement. Business Savvy Risk Management has the skills to make change happen as efficiently and successfully as possible.

Strategic advice on:

Take the stress out of legal compliance

Do you know your legal rights and obligations? What are the laws? What are your responsibilities? What documentation is required? Employment contracts, OH&S issues, grievance procedures and performance management are areas where getting it wrong can cost you a fortune. It ties up management time and can be complex to navigate. Better to get it right in the first place with expert advice.

We help you with:

Risk Management made simple

Every company faces the prospect of an accident. The key to staff safety and Workcover responses lies in your planning prior to an accident. Are your staff trained in machinery usage? Are event procedures in place? The penalties are severe if you haven’t thought ahead.

Business Savvy Risk Management can help with:

Workers Compensation claims

Deal with these effectively and reduce claims and premiums.

We can review current workers compensation claims and assist with claims management strategies to minimise the costs. This can lead to a reduction in Workers Compensation premiums and encourage more control with long term cases or difficult employees.

Workcover issues managed

What are the correct responses to a Workcover notice? How should you deal with inspectors? What documents are required? Business Savvy Risk Management understand what Workcover need and how to present it. Let us help maintain your contact with Workcover in a positive and time efficient manner.

How we work

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