Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need safe work instruction templates in my business?

The WHS legislation requires an employer to provide adequate information, instruction and training to employees. Providing an employee with a safe work instruction assists an employer to provide instruction and information about the risks involved in performing the work, and the safety controls to be applied. Safe work instruction templates are available for nearly all common tools and equipment on this website.

How do I communicate a HR policy to my employees?

Employers must take steps to ensure that all HR policies and templates and WHS policies and templates are communicated to employees. The HR and health and safety templates and policies can be given to employees to read, placed on company intranet or any other means of distributing the policies that are effective within your company.

What is the procedure for managing bullying and harassment in the workplace? And is there a template to use?

Workplace bullying and harassment is a growing issue. Employers should take steps to ensure that employees are aware of the law and the requirement to meet certain standards in the workplace. You can use a workplace bullying and harassment policy and procedure for dealing with complaints. A checklist may be helpful. These documents are available on this site.

What is a health and safety management system?

A workplace health and safety management system sets out the way your company manages health and safety. It includes your WHS policy and WHS templates. The WHS management system assists employers manage workplace risk assessment, incident reporting, communication with employees, emergency procedures, first aid and WHS audits.

Is there a policy for employees using Facebook and social media?

The use of Facebook, Twitter and other social media can be a headache for employers. Employers should have a Social Media policy that informs employees that the defamation or disparagement of the Company or its managers and staff on social media sites may lead to disciplinary action and termination of employment. A Social Media policy is available on this site.

What is a position description?

A position description or job description is used to set out the requirements of a job. It lists the tasks to be performed. The skills required and the key performance criteria [KPI’s] are set out in the position description. A template is available on this site.